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ARCTIC LACE by Donna Druchunas


Explore the magic of qiviut

the golden fleece of the North

Softcover, 192 pages, $26.95
ISBN-13 978-0-9668289-7-9, ISBN-10 0-9668289-7-6
Nomad Press / www.nomad-press.com

Arctic Lace Knitting Projects and Stories
Inspired by Alaska’s Native Knitters

by Donna Druchunas

  • The delights of qiviut
  • Stories of the Oomingmak co-op of Native Alaskan knitters
  • Easy 1-2-3 lace-knitting tutorial
  • 15 projects that make the most of precious yarn including:
    • Lozenge Headband (use 0.5oz sport weight Qiviut or 45/45/10 QMS blend)
    • Fish Trap Hat, Wrist Warmers, and Scarf
    • North Star Tam and Scarf
    • Skeleton Scarf and Nachaq Hood
    • Chevron Scarf
    • Möbius Scarf
    • Parka-Trim Stole
    • Grass-Basket Cropped Ruana Vest
    • Double-Diamond Fingerless Gloves
    • Easy Eyelet Gaiter
    • Hourglass Boa

Donna has included a well versed, concise history of the Alaskan Native Oomingmak knitters, their people, cultures, and knitting designs, as well as a history of the musk ox and its domestication in Alaska and the US mainland. Each of Donna's designs include images illustrating the source for her inspirations. Every detail for knitting these lace designs is included and explained fully accompanied with illustrations so even beginning lace knitters can experience the joy of working with qiviut! Chapters "Lace Knitting Workshop" and "Designing your own Projects"  are included to guide you throughout your journey of charted lace knitting and designing which makes this an excellent workbook for beginning lace chart knitters. There's something for everyone here!

Please Note:
Most patterns call for either Sport, Lace, or Fine Lace weight qiviut yarns. Please note that the lace weight qiviut used corresponds to MOCO Fingering weight, the Mini Mills Lace weight in the Fingerless Gloves corresponds to MOCO 70/20/10 Qiviut/Merino/Silk Lace weight yarn, and the Fine Lace weight unknown yarn used in the Möbius Scarf corresponds to MOCO 45/45/10 Cobweb weight yarn available here as well as MOCO Sport weight qiviut which corresponds easily to the sport weight yarns used.

"A must-have for all knitters who want to better understand lace—and the diverse knitting world!"
Annie Modesitt, author of Twist & Loop and Men Who Knit and the Dogs Who Love The"Arctic Lace is most comprehensive, highly creative, and wonderfully detailed."
Ann McCauley, author of The Pleasures of Knitting

"The wealth of patterns included in the book make it equally valuable to the beginner, intermediate, or advanced lace knitter."
Marcia Lewandowski, author of Folk Mittensand Andean Folk Knits

"Donna is at it again, doing what she does best—giving us a hands-on, in-depth look at historical knitting and modernizing it for the knitter who needs to know."
Cheryl Potter, author of Lavish Lace

"I have longed to see the history and story of this unusual co-operative written down. I think that this book Arctic Lace will help to introduce more people to a truly luxurious fiber, some of Alaska’s peoples, and to these remnants of the last Ice Age, the musk ox. I am pleased to see that Donna has helped to capture the spirit of the co-op and is honoring the resilient knitting members of the co-op."
Sigrun Robertson, Executive Director, Oomingmak Musk Ox Producers’ Co-operative

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