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If you're anything like me you collect books for inspirational and educational resources. I've gained most of what I know about the textile arts from browsing books such as these so I am offering a few to you.

Assorted Knitting Books
These books are from various publishers.

  • Book 2: The Purl Stitch Becoming intuitive by Sally Melville. A basics-and-beyond book for knitters at all levels with 25 more projects presenting more skills you need using details that matter. All of the how's and why's to build your confidence and skills. With excellent photographic illustrations of techniques this book takes you one step further with more stylish choices, socks, mittens, and then some.
    XRX The Purl Stitch $19.95

  • Knitted Shawls, Stoles, & Scarves by Nancy M. Wiseman. "Whether you're a novice knitter or someone who has made knitting a lifelong passion, you'll delight in this beautiful book that will expand your knitting skills and enhance your design savvy. Choose from 20 glamorous wraps, such as Interlocking Diamonds Scarf, Textured Squares Mohair Shawl, Cabled Stole, and Lavender Linen Lace Shawl. Learn several new knitting concepts as you knit-start with simpler projects, and then move on to more advanced projects to perfect your skills. Find charts and written stitch patterns, basic knitting techniques, and an informative reference section." Clearly written and detailed explanations will guide you through these creative and unusual projects.
    LA 121413, Knitted Shawls, Stoles, & Scarves $24.95

  • Knitting Lace Triangles by Evelyn A. Clark. Here is a terrific little book by one of America's best known lace designers! Evelyn walks you through all the steps to designing your own triangle shawl. She guides you through designing your shawl from single-lace triangles through multi-lace with random changes and multi-lace with planned changes, from the planning stage to the finishing stage. She's included a few sample shawl patterns to illustrate her techniques. Fully written and charted knitting instructions. I expect we'll be seeing a lot of original triangle shawls soon! Spiral bound 70 pages.
    FT Knitting Lace Triangles...$17.95

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Rocking Chair Press

  • Stahman's Shawls and Scarves
    Myrna A. I. Stahman has written and published a book of beautiful Lace Faroese-shaped shawls knit from the top down and Seamen's Scarf patterns. Even if you've never tried to knit a lace shawl before, as I hadn't, you'll be knitting along easily with Myrna's explicit and clear instructions for every aspect of the process. The Faroese shaping creates a shawl that actually molds to your shoulders comfortably. Both written instructions and charted diagrams are given so it's a good way to learn to read charts as well. Includes 14 Lace Shawl patterns and more than 28 Seamen's Scarf patterns!
    Stahman's Shawls and Scarves $30.00

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Schoolhouse Press

  • Barbara G. Walker's collection of inspirational pattern technique books no home knitting library should be without!

    • A Treasury of Knitting Patterns Barbara Walker's first treasury includes complete instructions for everything from basic garter stitch, stockinet, and reverse stockinet to ribbings, knit-purl combos, color change patterns, slip stitch, twisted stitches, cables, eyelet, lace, and more! An indispensable source for beginners and experts alike! 500 patterns, 300 pages, paperback.
      SP B. Walker 1st Treasury $30.00

    • A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns 700 more stitch patterns including knit-purl combos, slip stitch texture and color patterns, mosaic, fancy texture and color, twist stitch, cables, eyelets, lace, lace panels and insertions, borders and edgings. 398 pages, paperback.
      SP B. Walker 2nd Treasury $30.00

    • Charted Knitting Designs, A Third Treasury of Knitting Patterns 350 different charted designs including how to read charts, textured fabrics, twist stitch, cables, closed ring cables, cabled textures, lace, lace panels, mosaic, color, and uncharted miscellany. 269 pages, paperback.
      SP B. Walker Charted Knitting, 3rd Treasury $30

    • A Fourth Treasury of Knitting Patterns 100 charts and complete text from Barbara's book "Sampler Knitting" plus 82 new unpublished designs and a brief autobiography. 240 pages, paperback.
      SP B. Walker 4th Treasury $30.00

    • Knitting From The Top Deborah Newton's foreword: "Barbara Walker pays attention to almost every kind of garment and helps readers understand how to construct them. She leads us through the more familiar dropped-shoulder and raglan sweaters, then also fully explores the less familiar saddle shoulder types, kimono styles, pants, hats, and even ponchos. Her approach to set-in sleeves will help you enormously.  Even if you aren't going to do it her way from the top, you'll still be able to envision all these garments more easily because of her analysis." 121 pages, paperback.
      SP B. Walker Knitting from the Top $20.00 

    • Learn to Knit Afghan Book Learn to knit 63 different stitch patterns using a wide variety of techniques to produce a beautiful afghan one square at a time! Well illustrated with complete descriptive instructions and helpful tips. 176 pages paperback.
      SP Learn to Knit Afghan Book $20.00

    • Mosaic Knitting Originally published in 1976 and back in print at last! Includes chapters on: Step by Step, Stitch by Stitch Description; Band Patterns; Shadow Patterns; Magic Mosaics including 116 brand new patterns that haven't appeared in any of her previous books. 259 pages hard bound.
      SP B. Walker Mosaic Knitting $32.00

  • Kilt Hose and Knickerbocker Stockings Designs for knitting collected by Veronica Gainford. The Dowager Lady Gainford has gathered over 50 designs for traditional Scottish stocking top turn-overs, including textures, cables, color patterns, lace, and diced hose. Born in 1900, Veronica Gainford of Argyll, Scotland, has spent a lifetime knitting and exploring patterns for traditional stockings. Meg Swanson of Schoolhouse Press is responsible for keeping the tradition alive and bringing this collection to us, thank you Veronica and Meg! The Scottish hose tradition won't be lost! 76 pages paperback.
    SP Kilt Hose and Knickerbocker Stockings $15.00
  • Knitting Around This book is the companion to Elizabeth Zimmermann's "Wool Gathering" Video Series and her fourth book. It contains a wide variety of valuable circular knitting techniques with beautiful patterns. The 9 chapters include: Moccasin Socks & Other Stockings, Fair Isle Yoke Sweater, Knitted Dickeys & a Very Warm Hat, The Knitted Moebius, The Bog Jacket, The Pie Are Square Shawl, A Norwegian Pullover, A Mittful of Mittens, and An Aran Coat. All feature original patterns and designs by Elizabeth written in her personable down-to-earth style and accompanied by her autobiographical "Digressions". Truly inspirational works by an American classic!
    SP EZ's Knitting Around $26.00
  • Knitting Workshop Elizabeth Zimmermann's classic third book of patterns and techniques is a 12 part series from Beginning to Master Classes. Elizabeth takes you by the hand and guides you through a wide variety of basic and advanced techniques with an excellent collection of original patterns for hats, seamless and seamed sweaters in a wide variety of styles, plus lace shawls. 183 pages, hardcover.
    SP EZ's Knitting Workshop $18.00
  • Latvian Dreams: Knitting from Weaving Charts by Joyce Williams. An excellent source for original techniques and dazzling beautiful sweaters, socks, and gloves. Includes over 250 Latvian pattern charts to get your creative juices flowing! 176 pages hardcover.
    SP Latvian Dreams $34.00
  • The Opinionated Knitter Elizabeth Zimmermann Newsletters 1958-1968. "Many knitters consider the designs in Elizabeth Zimmerman's Newsletters to be timeless: from her first Fair Isle issue in 1958, to the now classic Baby Surprise Jacket in 1968. Long time fans will welcome these old friends and new knitters may discover the freedom and creativity that Elizabeth's patterns encourage." There is something for everyone in these pages, from hats and mittens to sweaters, socks, and even leggings (now there's something I haven't tried;-)! Hardcover.
    SP The Opinionated Knitter $30.00
  • Two-End Knitting by Anne-Maj Ling. A traditional Scandinavian technique also known as "Twined Knitting", from basics to new refinements and designs. "As the word two-end knitting suggests, one knits with two ends of the yarn and one knits "by throwing" in the old way. Both strands are held in the right hand and twisted around each other in the same direction between every stitch. The twisting give a particularly firm yet flexible character to the finished garment." Complete techniques, instructions, and illustrations walk you through this interesting process and include a variety of sweaters, vests, caps, stockings, and mitten knitting projects. A very well thought out inspirational and instructional book!
    SP Two-End Knitting $23.50
  • Unexpected Knitting by Debbie New. "Be not daunted by the seemingly esoteric and abstruse concepts. Yes, the designs emanate from an extraordinary mind, but the author has reined herself in and written detailed and comprehensive instructions for the rest of us. While you read, you may feel your brain creaking as it expands its scope of handknitting possibilities. You may be stunned, enchanted, inspired, and encouraged all at the same time. Leap right in with Swatchless Knitting and follow the progression through Free Form Knitting, Scribble Lace, Swirl, Sculptural, Virtual, Cellular Automation, and Labyrinth Knitting. Try to limit yourself to one chapter each week, lest you succumb to Knitter's Overload. Can you tell how proud I am that Debbie chose our press to be her publisher?"--Meg Swansen. A truly remarkable gallery of inspirational instructional projects.
    SP Unexpected Knitting $45.00

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Skacel Collection, Inc.

  • Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles

    A manual of elegant knitting techniques and patterns by Cat Bordi. Once you've tried knitting socks on two circular needles you'll never go back to double points! Not only does Cat thoroughly explain the two circular needle technique but she also introduces us to her own Turned Toe technique for socks knit from the toe up, an interesting double knit kitchener bind off for the cuff, an I-cord trimmed cuff, and more variety of sock designs than you'll find in most books. Very entertaining, encouraging, and easy reading style with explicit directions and diagrams for 11 unique sock designs, including easy Indoor Felted Boots, Fairisle florals, lacy Columbine socks, Bavarian Twisted Stitch socks, Duplicate Stitch adornments, and more.
    Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles $16.95 

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