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Needle Felted Sculptures

This is a tactile art and some of the features have to be "felt" to be believed!

Needle Felting is remarkably adaptive to whims of all sorts! Three dimensional figures are easy to build. One can achieve amazing detail with just a little imagination and attention. Please note, any resemblance to any real person is simply a figment of my imagination! These ladies could be self portraits of my soul's yin and yang but you didn't hear it from me. Creativity is a birthright, each unto itself as it develops, no two are ever identical and it's very easy to get carried away. Yeah for DIVERSIONS! And if there was ever any doubt, I have been up this creek a very long time;-)


I created Gorgeous in 2001 in honor of Myrna Stahman's Feather and Fan "Variations" book undertaking and as a mascot for Myrna's Boise Lace Knitting Retreat. Her body is 100% homegrown wool from my own sheep way back when. All of her features are 100% wool pre-dyed from various sources. Her top is Mountain Colors Bitterroot Rainbow in a simple feather and fan design I created. Her skirt is a hand knit feather and fan doily with the center omitted and a draw string waist added, adapted from one of Gloria Penning's "Knitted Heirloom Lace" books. I painted the skirt with acid dyes to coordinate with her top. She is knitting a feather and fan scarf on toothpicks using Qiviut lace weight. The feather in her hair was found at the Boise Retreat and her Fan is from a Lorna's Laces yarn label. You will have to excuse Gorgeous in the second photo, her ball of yarn has rolled under her chair! We've all been there in our own way...

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Crazy Woman

Who, me? Crazy Woman was commissioned by my friends at Mountain Colors in 2003 after they'd seen Gorgeous. She is created with the same homegrown wool for her body, and Oh what a bod she has! All of her features and accessories are made from a variety of Mountain Colors yarns in the Crazy Woman colorway, named for a mountain range though not in my knitwit brain. She has Wooly Feathers eyelashes, mega Moguls hair with wire supports (which personally I love and want a wig to match just cuz), a 4/8's Wool Mountain Colors logo tattoo over her butt, wire and beaded adornments in the form of bracelets, earrings, belly button ring, a tasseled nipple ring, and a beaded titty twister. Her shawl is a mix of Wooly Feathers, Mohair Loop, 4/8's Wool, and Merino Ribbon. Her socks are fashioned after Diana's Butterfly Socks with Wooly Feathers and Weavers Wool. Diana said to "let my imagination go wild", bless her heart!

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Gorgeous & Crazy Woman Together

Now here you have both Gorgeous and Crazy Woman together for comparison purposes. Peas in a Pod, Yin and Yang, if you will. They are both approximately 12 to 14 inches tall though Crazy Woman's hair gives her a definite height advantage. These were taken at the Boise Lace Knitters Retreat in 2003. They do have obvious similarities...go figure.

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Felted Pictures

Creating Felted Pictures is a wonderful activity for young and old alike. These two pictures were made by my nieces in 2002. We sandwiched layers of wool with a single piece of lightweight gauze between the layers to help keep the shape. This also allows one to cut and sew the finished fabric as desired. We then used various colored wools and yarns to create the images on the surface. Enclose the whole hairy sandwich between two old sheet scraps, add warm water and soap, and start rubbing vigorously in differing directions. The fibers shrink and felt together while maintaining their original design rather remarkably and quickly! One can add threads with beads, found objects, feathers, or just about anything the imagination can dream up to sandwich. The possibilities are endless!

Megan's Felt Mountains

Gretchen's Felt Rainbow

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