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Alpaca Top

Discontinued, limited to supply on hand, get it while you can! I'm really going to miss this sinfully fine fluff:-(

Superfine 100% Alpaca Top, the heavenly fiber grown between 13,000-16,500 feet elevations in Peru. Eight exceptionally soft and luxurious Natural Colors available, not dyed colors. Scoured and carded into roving for your spinning pleasure.
$33 each approximate Lb (453gm). $2.50 each ounce.
Please indicate weight and colors desired.

8 Natural Alpaca Colors Available, click on images to see larger samples.

Cream, natural white, not bleached.

  Cream Alpaca

Musk, lighter brown/gray heather.

,Musk Alpaca


Black Alpaca (Sold Out)

Nutmeg, darker brown/gray heather.

  Nutmeg Alpaca

Mist Grey, medium gray.

  Mist Grey Alpaca

Camel, beautiful light brown.

  Camel Alpaca

Charcoal, dark gray.

  Charcoal Alpaca

Chocolate, pure milk chocolate.

Chocolate Alpaca


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Alpaca and Silk Blend

The best of both worlds, natural fine count alpaca and cultivated silk combed blend. A soft touch that glistens and beckons. Limited to supply on hand.

70% Fine Count Black Alpaca
30% Cultivated Silk
$3.15 ounce, $50 Lb.



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Multicolored Merino Top

Pure Merino Top dyed and combed into 7 many colored blends. The result once spun are beautiful colorful heathers unlike any commercial yarn I've seen. Perfect for all of your spinning or felting projects!
Discontinued by supplier and limited to supply on hand.
$2 per ounce, or $32 Lb.

7 Multicolored Merino Tops available, click on images to see larger sample.

Cranberry, reds with pinks, blues, 16oz.


Garnet, burgundy, blues, yellows, 16oz.

Laurel, earthy greens, blues, browns, 8.8oz.

Pinedale, dusty teals, blues, rose, 8.8oz.

Rose Quartz, reds, pinks, greens, 8.8oz.

Sage, greens, yellows, blues, 8.8oz.

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