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Caryll Designs' Homestead Studio

Well it may have taken us 20 years but it's finally all come together! Here's a view of what is now my studio but was our main living quarters for 8 years while we built the log house. And when I say "our" I do mean every body shared the same roof in the "old world" tradition! The only real challenge was remembering to keep the doors shut and the critters outside. This isn't very sharp but there are 5 sheep (Baabs is guarding the front door as usual) and one dog lounging on the front porch while Crazy Horse snoozes in the yard. One thing I have learned, if you have property and want fencing, get the critters first as undeniable fencing incentive!

Here it is today after being completely remodeled with the shed enclosed, now my yarn room, an open porch added to the back of the yarn room where I do my dyeing, new rodent-proof steel siding, and new insulated windows. A new productive life! Needless to say, this is where I spend the majority of my time.


In the main portion of the building (20x30 feet) I now have room for 4 knitting machines (2 Passap E6000's, one Brother Bulky 270, one Brother 970), a work table, a large utility sink with counters and storage in the back corner between the windows, a computer workstation, and an ever-growing knitting library upstairs in the loft along with a futon for lounging and pondering my next project.

As you may be able to see the interior of the building is rough hewn pine constructed in a modified Timber Frame style. Modern equipment in a rustic setting suits me perfectly!

My yarn room is small, only 12x20 feet, but I have built a number of storage solutions and I have a small loft above to catch the overflow. One thing I am finding, I never seem to have enough room for all of those glorious yarns and fibers I want! Now I can finally see and fondle all of them without digging through boxes and that has made a terrific difference in my knitwit life. I may have to add on to gain more space in the future but for now I'll just Knit More!


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