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True confession, I have a particular fondness for men in kilts. I dream of making the finest hose for these bonnie gentlemen's knees as "kilting up" deserves only the best. These hose are my own designs worked on small needles using 100% worsted wool with added lycra for elastic ribbings that stay put and added nylon for durable heels and toes. Each pair has taken me no less than 100 hours to complete. A labor of love, aye!

If you're interested in making kilt hose, check out the new book from Schoolhouse Press with over 50 designs collected by Veronica Gainford for traditional Scottish "Kilt Hose and Knickerbocker Stockings".

Macfarlane Hose

The Macfarlane hose were created for David Macfarlane of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Dave heads up the Wyoming Highland Games each year so he deserves a fine set of hose. These are a woven Celtic Braid with braided ribbing that decreases down the back of his leg. The tops are traditional Popcorn or Trinity Stitch preferred by bag pipers for formal attire. I now have a photo of Dave kilted up and I have to admit, the kilt and accessories really do make the hose!

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McConnell Hose

The McConnell Hose were my first set of formal kilt hose, made for myself as I'm so much more available for measuring and sizing during the early development stages. I am of Scotch-Irish heritage so I modified an Irish Knot worked into a Celtic Braid in the front. Now you can see me "kilted up"! I'm wearing my MacDonald Lord of the Isles Ancient Hunting tartan kilt made in Scotland (as close to a true McConnell tartan as I could find), a Celtic Knots Vest designed by Elsebeth Lavold in Knitter's Fall 2003 issue (she had another name for it that escapes me now), and my own McConnell kilt hose. Now I just need to brush up on my Scottish brogue and roll my rrrr's! Perhaps with another shot of scotch...;-)

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