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This is where I'll announce the most recent additions to my web site. If you've visited here before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first. Newest entries will appear just below this introduction.

bullet 1/23/2015 Mountain Colors new Harmony, Solitary and multi-colors for 2015 have been updated!
bullet 8/7/2014 Mountain Colors new yarns and colors for 2014 have been updated!
bullet 7/27/2014 Mountain Colors prices for 2014 have been updated!
bullet 1/12/14 I've uploaded new MOCO Qiviut colors samples. wow, that was overdue, sorry!
bullet 12/26/13 My phone number has changed and gone mobile 208-756-7156!!!
bullet 5/5/13 I have added more South West Trading Co Yin & Yang Merino/Bamboo/Silk yarns. I also added Mountain Colors Madison River and Copper Creek River Twist colorways, finally!
bullet 2/13/13 I have added NEW Mountain Colors Harmony colorways for 2013!
bullet 12/2/12 I have added NEW Mountain Colors colorways and Mountain Colors Patterns for 2013!
bullet 4/27/12 I have added five NEW Mountain Colors colorways for 2013, they came early this year!
bullet 2/17/12 I have added the new Best of Nature natural dyes worsted weight to the Misti Alpaca yarns page, These are nice muted nature's vegetable colors.
bullet 2/5/12 I have added 4 new Lace colors to the Misti Alpaca yarns page and updated the colors I offer, most of which are now discontinued. I've added current color cards as well.
bullet 1/31/12 I have updated MOCO Qiviut's natural yarns prices, they're the same as the dyed yarns now which is long overdue.
bullet 1/24/12 I have updated Mountain Colors for 2012 yet again with 3 new Harmony colors and 1 new Springtime colorway!
bullet 12/10/11 I have updated Mountain Colors for 2011-2012 yet again with their new Blueface Leicester Top for spinners!
bullet 11/12/11 I have updated Mountain Colors for 2011-2012 with their new yarns!
bullet 9/17/11 I have updated Mountain Colors Patterns for 2011-2012 with the grand majority of their new patterns!
bullet 8/6/11 I have updated Mountain Colors for 2011-2012 with more new yarns and colors coming as soon as I receive them!
bullet 5/30/11 Mountain Colors has 5 New for 2011-2012 multi-colorways and 2 New Solitary colors!
bullet 4/10/11 Mountain Colors has discontinued their Cashmere yarn and introduced new Jeannette Cashmere/Silk yarn!
bullet 2/21/11 I have a new Bling Scarf pattern available in pdf format on the Free Patterns page.
bullet 2/9/11 My Machine Knit Felted Fedoras with Variations pattern is now available in pdf format. I have updated the Off-Set Diamonds Scarf free pattern.
bullet 2/4/11 Added 3 Multi-color Skacel Merino Lace yarns never to be seen again. Four new Mountain Colors Harmony Colorways for 2011 are here.
bullet 1/20/11 Skacel Merino Lace yarns are DISCONTINUED, limited to stock on hand.
bullet 1/17/11 I've uploaded two new FREE patterns available on my Free Patterns found from the Gallery page.
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